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I Invite You to Allow Stillness

To allow stillness may be an elusive idea.

Because even when you sit physically still, you may find that your mind continues whirling with thoughts.

And so to allow stillness doesn’t feel calm and contented. It can flush up impatience, increase feelings of frustration and throw you towards meaningless activity.

A Pebble in the Pond

Place of Serenity | Stillness

I like to share the analogy of a pebble in the pond.

If you throw a pebble into a pond, it causes ripples to spread across the surface, disturbing the previous glassy stillness. As the pebble lands onto the pond bed, it disturbs the silt and mud.

The water becomes murky.

Just like that pebble, your thoughts create ripples. There is no clarity while you allow distraction and your inner critic to dredge up old, often unwanted thoughts.

If you keep throwing pebble after pebble into the pond, you create quite a disturbance. Just as you can keep feeding your troubled thoughts.

Allow the pebble to land on the pond floor and be still. Then, gradually, the pond debris settles. Eventually the water becomes clear, the surface returns to tranquility.

Allow Stillness of Both Body and Mind

And so with your own meditation, let all the internal distractions settle.

As you allow stillness of both body and mind, there may arise clarity and insights. Give yourself time for the mud to settle.

Continue to focus on your breath as it slowly guides you away from the whirlwind of thoughts, to serenity and momentary peace.

Allow stillness in to your life and discover the important part it can play!


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