About Yvette at Place of Serenity

About Yvette at Place of Serenity

Hello from Yvette at Place of Serenity –

Look at a tree, a flower, a plant… Allow nature to teach you stillness.

Eckhart Tolle

About Place of Serenity

♥ The South Downs countryside inspired the name. Its double-meaning represents how you have the capacity to find your own place of serenity within yourself. A more mindful life is a life in balance!

About Yvette at Place of Serenity

♥ My experiences as a mum, a teacher, an editor, an energy healer and several years of health challenges filter into my work. This gives me a practical and compassionate understanding as I work with a range of women, possibly just like you!

My approach is to live a calmer, connected pace of life in a full-on, frenetic world. I have found that being mindful and implementing small chunks of meditation across my days is essential. I am passionate about giving other women these same tools.

I love to remember that in other parts of the world, the word for ‘mind’ is the same as ‘heart’. As you develop your mindfulness you develop a more open heart. This mindful approach to life is underlined by the key qualities of kindness and compassion. As women, we might find ourselves expressing these qualities towards others, yet often forget to include ourselves!

Some of my qualifications:

  • BEd (Hons) (1982-1986) at Kingston University.

  • Diploma in Spiritual Development:

  • DSEH:

    Diploma from The Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing (2005-2008) (Barbara Ann Brennan-related Chakra Healing including Physiology & Anatomy, Meditation, Chi Kung, Nutrition, Psychology).

  • My 3-Year Professional Energy Healing Diploma is recognised by the Complementary Medical Association

  • 8-Week Course in Mindfulness and Meditation with the Bangor University (2012).

  • Approved Teacher Training Diploma in Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness (2014).

    SMART foundations (Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques), SMART foundations coaching is used by the NHS, universities, MIND, Help for Heroes among others.

    It is approved by the CThA (http://www.ctha.com/ Complementary Therapists Association) of which I am also a member.

  • Completed a Course with Brene Brown: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong (2016)

  • Completed a Course with Brene Brown and Kristin Neff on Self-Compassion (2016)

  • Completed an 8-Week Course with Dr Russ Harris on ACT: Acceptance & Commitment Practice (2017)

  • I have full Practice Insurance with Balens.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation are an integral part of my life and I continue my own Personal and Professional Development.

    I attend Conferences and Meditation Retreats. I give talks, run Wellbeing Events and continue my studies. (See Links for details on Retreats). I see this and all other learning as part of my continual self-growth, which means I can offer you the best service.

I am the published author of inspirational pocket books:

They’re easy to keep on the bedside table, to dip into and keep you inspired: (See Yvette’s publications)

  • 1 ‘365 Days of Mindfulness’
  • 2 ‘365 Days of Wisdom’
  • 3 ‘The Gift of Mindfulness’
  • 4 ‘The Gift of Healing’
  • 5 ‘The Gift of Happiness’
  • 6 ‘365 Days of Calm’
  • 7 ‘Mindfulness for Mums’
  • 8 ‘Mindfulness for Every Day’

Is this you?

♥ My mission is to help empower women who are already doing their very best in life. Yet you feel an overwhelm of anxiety, stress or feeling low. You want simple, accessible strategies to get you back on track. Achievable strategies that you can implement every day. A chance to re-connect to values that are important to you. And time for yourself!

Yvette at Place of Serenity

My Mindfulness and Meditation teaching provides you with skills and approaches which will serve you for the rest of your life! See Testimonials from those who have already worked with me.

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