A Year of Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness

Place of Serenity | A year of Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness

A year of covid pandemic and mindfulness has shown what a useful approach it is to manage anxiety and overwhelm. Not only that but also nurturing a sense of wellbeing and inspiration to be engaged with a deeper level of spiritual self.

Mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing has never been so important and at the forefront of everyone’s minds. I hope you find it worthwhile to browse the following 7 blog posts written over the last year, relating to the covid pandemic and mindfulness. I hope you find something that resonates with you. All the work here is still as relevant as ever!


How to Create Space for Stillness and Calm alongside Coronavirus

Place of Serenity | Covid Pandemic and mindfulness Stillness and calmWhen Covid Lockdown first hit in March last year, my first blog post was in response to all the fear and confusion that was happening.

An invitation to notice how there is a hit of adrenaline as you switch on the news or see the news updates blazed in red on your laptop.

There was a lot of fear and worry over medicine shortages, food, loo rolls etc. in an initial knee-jerk reaction. We didn’t know then that a year later we would still be experiencing Lockdown with many lives lost and numerous jobs lost too.

Set an intention to value and include stillness and calm each day. Follow the link here.


The Power of Trust in Challenging Times

Place of Serenity | The power of trustAfter the initial reactions of fear across the country, this post looks at how to trust yourself in challenging times.

Every single one of us has experienced unexpected events that arrived out of the blue, gut-wrenching experiences and choices we’ve made that felt scary at the time.

You and I are still here. We survived those challenges.

Not only survived, but often those events and experiences forced us or guided us, or set us down, on a new path. In ways that we possibly would never have considered before. Follow the link here.


How We Grow Through The Difficult Stuff

Place of Serenity | Grow through the difficult stuff And so it continues. As we all deal with the difficult stuff of this current global experience, I ask, what could this be nudging or propelling you into?

I cannot pretend to know what every person is experiencing. So really, I’d just like to leave that question for you.

Your difficult stuff may be grief, loneliness, exhaustion, desperation, fear. Like an almighty re-set button, the world is giving us the opportunity to think differently and grow in new directions.

It’s been a long haul during this time of the Covid pandemic and mindfulness asks what are you learning from this difficult stuff?  Follow the link here.


Mindful Walking for Clarity and Calm

Place of Serenity | Mindful Walking for clarity and calmFast forward a few months and spring emerges into summer. So many people, including myself, were talking about how mindful walking in nature has been essential for wellbeing.

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air as a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

This post focuses on 4 aspects of walking for clarity and calm. Follow the link here.


The Simplest Way to Achieve a Balanced Mind-Space

This post was written in October when restaurants were open and there was a limited  Place of Serenity | Achieve a Balanced Mind-Spaceopportunity to be out and about. Yet nothing was really back to ‘normal’ and we all needed to continue to maintain a balanced mind-space.

Resilience and stamina have been necessary skills and whatever your challenges have been, you can activate self-compassion to create a balanced mind-space.

Do this by feeling into a sense of tenderness and love. You have the capacity to achieve a balanced mind-space when you hold both anxiety and compassion.

Follow the link here.


4 Keys to Combat Covid Blues

Place of Serenity | Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness 4 Keys to Combat Covid Blues More fast-forwarding to February this year. Both January and February were tough months for so many of us. You may well have experienced moments of self-doubt and bleakness.

You might call it the Covid Blues, so here are 4 really simple keys to combat them, relevant, of course, all year round. Follow the link here.


The Language of Love

Place of Serenity | The Language of Love I had the chance of seeing some old family letters from World War 2 during the Covid pandemic.

It absolutely struck me that although the art of letter-writing has been lost today, we have been sending our messages of love and reassuring updates to family and friends through texts and phone-calls. These keep us in the loop and through everyday exchanges we know that we are loved and try our best to express love.

Through all of this experience of the Covid pandemic, however simple and true, our human desire is for the language of love. Follow the link here.

Yvette Jane

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity








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