Catch up on a week of Mindfulness ideas. Choose what works for you to experience more peace and calm. One step at a time!

Mindfulness is about being present and alert to what you normally take for granted or overlook.

By becoming more mindful, you are becoming more connected to your life, more aware of your habits and emotions, and getting to enjoy life more fully. Dip in here, and if you enjoy some of these, do share them with others.

 Waking up to Mindfulness

WhPlace of Serenity |morning cuppaat do you do when you are relaxing? Even a lazy Sunday may reveal you multi-tasking between cups of tea, newspapers, radio, texting and chatting. What’s a more relaxing way? Read more



 A Stress-Free Day with Smiles!

Place of Serenity | natural highsThe secret of the smile. How can it affect your mood in one powerful move? Read more




5 Simple Tips for Stress-Busting

Place of Serenity |5 Stress-busting tipsAs you are so busy, here are 5 simple tips for stress-busting. Simple, easy to implement ideas to keep you calm and balanced. Read more



I Can’t Get to Sleep!

 Place of Serenity | I can't get to sleep!Can’t get to sleep? Here’s how to use mindful breathing to have you drifting off to the Land of Nod in no time. Read more



Open your Heart to the World

Place of SerenityAll you need is love – it’s not about fluffy kittens and heart-shaped balloons. This is something more powerful. Read more



Be in the Flow

Place of Serenity | in the flow with sailingWhat do Tai Chi, Japanese Sword Fighting, Archery and performing a Japanese Tea Ceremony have in common? And what does it mean for you!? Read more



 Calm in a Queue

Place of Serenity | Calm in a queueMake the most of those enforced pauses as you stand in line, by being mindful, calm and balanced amid the bustle. Sounds doubtful? This might be one of your number one tips over the coming weeks to Christmas. Read more



Which is your favourite mindfulness tip from this week? If you found some of these ideas useful, why don’t you share them?


Mindfulness and Meditation


Yvette is a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach at Place of Serenity where you can learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation for everyday life.


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