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The things I value the most are priceless

As a mother, do you make time to value yourself?

Many of those valuable moments slip through your fingers as you quietly hold the space for your babies and young children to be themselves.

You create the space for your children to learn through existence and to play. To care for them at bath-time, share stories and nursery rhymes at bed-time, be there for them when they need you – these are the untold, unpaid treasures.

As a mother, to acknowledge this huge worth is to value yourself.

The phrase ‘time is money’ can become an invidious, distorting mantra.

How did we get to create a society where money is power and time is money?

Value yourself

This kind of ethos pays no attention to those unpaid for yet priceless experiences.

The experiences that no corporate company are there to fulfill. If we’re very lucky, we may know one person who will always be there for us in an emergency, give their time willingly to care or listen.

Kindness and consideration are priceless.

Where would we be, and in fact, where do we find ourselves, when we don’t value carers who look after elderly people, nurses, cleaners, child-minders, people who volunteer to cook food for those who are desperate?

Value your time, value yourself

Because if you don’t, others won’t.

Know when it’s time to give yourself ‘me-time’ – self-care. When you keep giving, others are always happy to take.

Do you notice when your body is expressing itself through tiredness and aches and pains? And perhaps your emotions are tending towards despondency, resentment or sheer exhaustion?

It’s time to say no to everything else and yes to yourself. Sometimes you need to take time to replenish and touch base with your inner wisdom, your quietest self, your soul.

Ideally, this is a daily practice – perhaps through meditation, quiet contemplation or a walk in nature. These are ways to value yourself.

Value yourself

Other times you may find a little extra is what it takes to really settle back into your true aligned self. It could be prioritising the time for a Meditation Course, a spa day or a luxurious bath, an early night to catch up on sleep or an extra hour spent reading a novel.

Whatever you need – you first have to be listening to your body and heart. They will ‘speak’ to you.

This is why the practice of mindfulness and meditation are so profoundly important, since they are ways for you to connect in and listen to yourself. Your time is precious. Use it wisely.

Value yourself, take care of yourself and when you are replenished, that sparkle and zest can be shared again with others.

How do you value yourself?


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