A Seasonal Round-up of Mindfulness for Christmas

A seasonal round-up of mindfulness

I’ve scooped up a few festive blog posts for you to dip into.

Here you will find a seasonal round-up of mindfulness for Christmas. Easy tips and reminders to keep it simple. So you can enjoy what you have and share your goodwill out to others.

By staying mindful, present and open-hearted, you can bring a whole new experience to what can often be a stressful time of year.

Appreciate the simple things:

1. 31 Perfect Things – reminders from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. Simple, easy, effective suggestions based on mindfulness for Christmas. A Seasonal Round-up of Mindfulness

2. Eat, drink and be merry (mindfully – because that makes all the difference!)


How Do you Deal with a Stressful Christmas?

3. Tips to reduce festive frazzle

It’s the countdown to Christmas and it can be easy to succumb to festive frazzle.A Seasonal Round-up of Mindfulness

You know the feeling? You get caught up in a snowstorm of activity, shopping and extra commitments on your time.

Here are some simple tips to reduce festive frazzle and help you glide calmly through your day. Mindfulness for Christmas could be your life-saver!


4. Great expectations

Each year we celebrate with family and friends, there are shifts in reality. Sometimes, subtle, sometimes enormous.

Deaths, illness, divorce, the passing of time. Each year there may be important changes. A Seasonal Round-up of Mindfulness

Most of my Christmas tree decorations hold the vibrations, not just from the time and place where they were bought, but from every time they have been displayed.  What great expectations we put on this time of year!



5. No Drama Holiday: 10 Tips for Avoiding Emotional Family Traps by Tris Thorp

Lovely ideas here to keep you on track so that you can enjoy and appreciate family get-togethers. Rather than tapping in to the default settings that lead to conflict or immature behaviour!

Surrender to the Season:

It’s mid-winter here in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice occurs on 22 December. Here are a couple of ways to keep shining during the darkest of days, bringing mindfulness for Christmas.

6. Keep sparkling A Seasonal Round-up of Mindfulness

Light a candle for
•a prayer
•in honour of someone
•a celebration


And remember that when you sit and meditate, even for a few minutes, you are kindling your inner spark of life!


7. Rest and rejuvenation

This is the time of year when wildlife and nature hibernates.

Humans, too, like to feel cosy with a pair of slippers and a warm, safe home. Dark evenings are perfect for staying in and taking stock of the year that’s just been.

Once the festivities are over, give yourself plenty of rest-time so that you can emerge with more vitality in the spring.

Last-minute Mindfulness Tips:

10 Tranquil Tips for a Mindful Christmas

8. 10 Tranquil Tips for a Mindful Christmas







9. Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts Place of Serenity | Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation Gifts






Season’s Greetings! I wish you peace and joyous calm and remember your mindfulness for Christmas!

Best wishes!

Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide


Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity








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