A Round-up of Helpful Ideas for Insomnia

Place of Serenity | A Round-up of Ideas for Insomnia Are You Struggling to Relax at Night and Sleep?

Here is a round-up of helpful ideas for insomnia.

It could just be one thing that you read in here that might transform your life! Have a good browse, follow each link, and let me know if you find something that works for you.

A Round-up of Ideas for Insomnia

InsoIdeas for Insomniamnia is any kind of poor sleep that affects the quality of your life. Most of us go through times in our lives when we experience this. Follow this link if you find yourself saying:  I Can’t Get to Sleep!

Here are tips about creating the right kind of surroundings to encourage sleep: 5 Steps to Wind Down and Fall Asleep


Ideas for InsomniaThis is a great article about Lavender Oil and how it can help you sleep well. There are some good research results that backs this up.

An electric diffuser fan can be helpful – put lavender oil in it and leave to diffuse in your bedroom at night.



Ideas for InsomniaListen here to advice which includes scripts and audios from Inner Health Studio.

Plus a helpful exercise to soften and relax your body. It is known as ‘progressive relaxation’. Read about it here: Defeat Tension Through Progressive Relaxation.



InsomniaWork can be stressful. Even short meditation training can reduce stress and improve sleep quality. A study on this subject (27 October ’15) is worth a read. Plus Why Relaxation is your Superpower.

Find out in this article about how blue light is the enemy of sleep.



You miIdeas for Insomniaght also find these two posts helpful: A 10-Step Mindfulness Practice for better sleep.

And the Ultimate Guide to Curing Insomnia & Getting a Good Night’s Sleep.



Last Few Ideas for Insomnia

Try some of this beautiful relaxing music:

And my other personal tip is to put on an old transistor radio, set it onto no channel, just white noise. I imagine the white noise is a waterfall that I am laying next to, and I’ve found this has helped me fall asleep!

The Masters of Sleep: Cats

This article is a bit of fun, from the masters of sleep – cats: 5 Ways Cats Can Help You Sleep Better.

I hope you find your way through a difficult time of sleep problems. If you’ve found this round-up of ideas for insomnia helpful, do share it with others.


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This updated blog post was first published in November 2015



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