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Love from the Heart

I invite you to place a hand gently upon your heart centre, which is in the middle of your chest towards your throat. With each breath you breathe in, imagine that your whole chest area is expanding.

The heart chakra here, is associated with the colour emerald green. Imagine you’re standing in nature for inspiration. Let the fresh vibrant green of nature’s leaves, shoots, shrubs, woodlands, fill your heart centre.

Imagine wildlife, animals, babies, those you love. As you let your mind move from mental thoughts to the experience of love, feel into this soft, melting, compassionate love and sense of wonder. Let yourself feel tender, gentle, warm.

Say to yourself,

‘I accept myself exactly as I am right now.’ Place of Serenity | love and strength

Your mind has a limited perspective, but your heart does not. So take time each day to feel your power and your vastness with your heart and you will know without doubt that you can manifest anything you need.


Strength through the Solar Plexus

While still keeping an open loving heart, place your other hand gently on your abdomen, also known as the Solar Plexus.

This is the area you feel as the pit of your stomach. It’s where you experience the feeling of fear when the body’s sympathetic nervous system responds as the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response.

It is also where you may experience repressed anger, negativity, depression or helplessness.

This Solar Plexus is your power centre and is the key to your power, potential, prosperity, passion, will, drive, ambition and your belief systems. Place of Serenity | love and strength

As your power centre, it is associated with the colour yellow. Think of the sun and the tremendous energy it exudes. That is your Solar Plexus.

Say to yourself,

‘I let go of all fear that holds me back.’

On each outbreath use your intention to let go – I let go of:

  • All unfounded fears and insecurities which have stopped me being in my full power
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Uncertainty for the future
  • Fear of not being loved exactly as I am

Love AND strength

Visualise the golden light from your SP radiates up to your heart, and the emerald green from your heart flows down to your SP. Combine them both so your SP enables you to be powerful and strong, but always with the energy of LOVE.

You can summon great strength when you connect to your power. And determination comes from letting love be your motivating force.

‘I am power and peace.’

Check in often to your heart and Solar Plexus – such powerful places within you.

Let love and strength be key components as you move on through your day.

Inspired by and adapted from ‘The Rainbow Journey’ Dr Brenda Davies

The work of the Seer Almine

Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity





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