A Deep Bow of Respect to Mother Earth on Earth Day

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Spring is a celebration of nature! Everything is bursting into life. The perfect time to honour the earth today on Earth Day 2020. A deep bow of respect to Mother Earth on Earth Day and every day of the year.

Our precious Earth, our precious health

Yet we’re so careless of this precious world. The same as the carelessness we have for our own selves. We survive, despite the long hours of work, disconnection from nature, from our bodies and all the habits that keep us tied to technology. Place of Serenity | woodlands

We’re often distanced from full presence, good health and a truly flourishing life. We can survive this for a certain amount of time, but at some point our bodies may break or our minds dismantle.

The same for Mother Earth. Capable of continuing her seasonal cycles, yet pushed to breaking point. We can’t go on as we are, treating this earth with contempt.

This too will pass

It’s intoxicating to walk through a meadow of cowslips with skylarks rising up and singing their joyous music. Yet I know I can only catch these sights, sounds and smells for a short time. There is a swiftness to the changes that occur in nature. Place of Serenity | Skylark on Earth Day

You may have noticed, even if you live in an urban setting, the flow of nature is ever-changing.

We get that, we still build our lives around those changes, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Even if it’s the calendar we refer to, not the skies!

Yet we don’t quite recognize the swiftness of change in our own lives. We make plans based on assurances that are less than guaranteed. As we all recognise now in these current times of Lockdown – we may have found ourselves wondering about mortality.

We took so much for granted. Will we remember these times in the future and recognise the lessons?

Honour the Earth and honour yourself

I’m also lucky to have incredible landscapes on my doorstep. I have a renewed appreciation for the swathes of nettles, dandelions and other wild flowers, out there right now. They are regarded as weeds by many in back gardens, yet they provide resources for butterflies, bees and numerous other small creatures. They’re an essential part of the ecosystem. Place of Serenity | Comma Butterfly on Earth Day

It’s a brilliant reminder that every single one of us has a place and a part to play. Whether others recognize us or not, we must value and honour ourselves. Each of us is truly unique.

Value based on the amount of money you earn has always been the most distorted way of determining a person’s worth. Yet the people who own the most will hold on tightly to that, despite current experiences. Let’s not forget. Self-value is not determined by money in any shape or form.

Consider, Re-appraise and Re-set our relationship with Earth

On the other side of this Covid-19 experience, we all need to consider, re-appraise and re-set our relationship with nature and with ourselves. Let’s not forget this unique experience and what we can learn from it.

Happy Earth Day. Without the Earth we wouldn’t be here! We are one.


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Music – Kate Bush:  Hello Earth

Yvette Jane

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity





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