5 Reasons to Learn Mindfulness Together

Learn Mindfulness Together

I teach Mindfulness at venues across East Hampshire, including Alton and Liphook. So I thought you might like these 5 reasons to learn mindfulness together on a course:

1. Learn mindfulness together.

With all the good intentions in the world, it’s easy to fall by the wayside on your own. You will benefit from the support of a teacher. You’ll enjoy meeting up with others. The whole experience gives you more incentive because of this positive learning environment.

2. In internet world it’s easy to stay cocooned.

You can WATCH from the comfort of your own home. This often means that you ‘watch’ rather than participate. You can’t be a back-seat learner when you learn mindfulness together! And at home there are ALWAYS distractions.

3. You make a commitment to show up.

This means you schedule the time for yourself. You have to step out of your usual habits and arrive on time. You interact with others and share how your practice is going. Human beings thrive on being sociable. This is a quiet, gentle way to work in a small group. So you’re more likely to follow through on your mindful practice from week to week. It’s easier to feel motivated to attend each session. And enjoy the whole process.

4. It’s easy to keep behaving in our old ways.

This is the reason why you want to do a Mindfulness Course in the first place! Because you realise that you need more helpful strategies for life! Or you are in need of some inspiration whatever is going on in your life!

As humans we have deeply ingrained automatic behaviours and it’s not always easy to change this. When you become more mindful you get to know yourself better. And how we behave in a group can bring up useful learning opportunities too.

5. It’s relaxing!

5 reasons to learn mindfulness togetherEach weekly session provides you with dedicated time. The surroundings are calming and comfortable. So you’ll find you are inspired to integrate your experience in everyday life. Reading books and watching informational videos are very supportive. Yet we learn best when we actively ‘do’ and we’re fully engaged.

If you live in the Alton or Liphook area, do get in touch! These reasons might just be good enough for you to join me on our next Mindfulness & Meditation Course!

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This blog post updated March 2018


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