3 Steps to Stay Sane at Work

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How do you stay sane at work? Everyone’s experiences are different but see how you might adapt these following 3 steps to stay sane at work.

Try these 3 steps to stay sane at work

Step 1

Close down your emails and schedule times in the day to open and deal with them. Each time you check in at the ping of an email into your box this raises your stress levels.

It also detracts from your focus on the task you are actually doing. Whenever you are distracted, it takes minutes to get back into your original flow.

Step 2

Allow space between meetings and tasks when booking your diary. These are spaces in which to breathe, to have a cup of tea, to simply ‘be’. 3 steps to stay sane at work

It’s important to experience tiny moments of calm. It keeps your body grounded and better balanced. The chances are you may run over time with something and you’ll be glad of the extra space you allowed yourself.

Step 3

Take a break from work at lunch time.

Eat away from your desk and don’t let distractions lessen your lunch time enjoyment. Perhaps take a short walk somewhere or listen to some music.

However you use your lunch time, be sure to savour and enjoy all of the choices you make. Know that you will return to your tasks refreshed, alert and more balanced.

Extra tip if all the above are impractical for you. Perhaps you are a nurse or GP rushed off your feet every single moment.

Take powerful breaths. Even just one purposeful breath made with awareness, can help ease up on the feeling of overwhelm. Take as many powerful breaths as you can during your day.

Remember – you make the choices at every point in your day.

So stay calm! Stay sane!


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