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It can feel like you are wasting your time or doing it wrongly when you get started with meditation. How can you get the habit of meditation so it becomes a daily skill for your well-being and spiritual life?

You know it’s something you want to do to help you access a calmer and more peaceful sense of being. But life keeps getting in the way and it’s a habit that gets put to one side.

The best way to start is to set your intention to do a little 3-minute session which you can increase to 5 minutes, then perhaps 10 minutes on a daily basis.

The most ideal time obviously depends on you, but I recommend you try to do this at the start of your day. It really impacts on the way you deal with everything that follows and gives you a head-start and a daily reminder of what inner calm and connection feels like.


3 Simple Approaches to Get the Habit of Meditation

All 3 can be done either:

  • Sitting on the bed with your feet placed on the floor
  • Or lying on your bed

So it’s ideal to do when you first wake up and greet the day, making it part of your early-morning routine.

If you prefer to do some exercise first thing, then you can follow that with your meditation practice. It’s an ideal time to cool down.

1 Breath

Sit comfortably and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your nose. Concentrate on your breath with your best awareness.

I can guarantee you that thoughts will distract you away from this, but don’t be deterred! Keep bringing your complete focus back to your breath.

Notice how you feel.

Freed of clutter and excess, the beauty of the present moment is revealed.

~ Leo Manning

2 Body

Sit or lie comfortably so you can scan your whole body.

Focus on your toes and work your way up through your body to your head.

Become aware of every tiny sensation in each part of your body.  As you focus on each limb and organ, you may feel a natural sense of relaxation or exhilaration.

Either can be perfect to launch into your day!

Notice where you might feel less happy with parts of your body, or where there is tension or discomfort. Breathe gently into these places.

Allow gratitude to arise, very simply: ‘Thank you body, for taking care of me’.

3 Words

Sit comfortably and repeat a phrase, or mantra, such as ‘I am calm, I am peaceful, I am quiet.’

As you repeat the words, they are like an anchor for your mind. While breathing slowly and deeply, let your whole body sink into the words. Feel a sense of connection.

You might find you shorten the sentences to single words, whispered in your mind in time to the rhythm of your breath, ‘Calm, peaceful, quiet.’

Place of Serenity | The habit of meditation

Daily Meditation Practice

That is it! To get into the habit of meditation, you need to do it.

I’ve found, especially during Covid Lockdown, that it feels easier if you make a list of simple actions you intend to do each day. Meditation can be one of them, and it is satisfying to tick off your check-list!

At first, you may experience resistance or you simply forget. Keep scheduling it in and be curious about your reactions and experience.

Once you’ve got into the habit of meditation, at this most simple level, you may well feel motivated to explore more. There’s plenty to learn either online, through reading or attending a course.

Good luck as you start your exploration of meditation.

I run Meditation Courses online, and when possible, in person. Do contact me if you are interested. Details here.

Yvette Jane

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