10 Blog Posts from 2021

Place of Serenity | 10 Blog Posts from 2021

Here are 10 blog posts from 2021 for you to dip into. Mindfulness, Appreciation, A Peaceful and Meaningful Life, and Heart Coherence are included in this round-up.


How Words Empower You with Their Magic

Place of Serenity | Words Empower You With Their Magic | Flower Image by Prawny/3373 Pixabay

Both spoken and written, your words hold power. That power is revealed through your intentions, attitudes and self-beliefs.

As you express words into the world, they continually emit the intentions and attitudes within them. Like a mandala they reverberate indefinitely. And never more so than in this age of Social Media.

The circle of words, attitudes and beliefs create our inner ecosystem. This is the work of the inner life. Watch now how your words empower you with their magic and create the world you live in.

Read more here about how words empower you.


Mindful Morning Rituals that Support your Best Self

Place of Serenity | Mindful Morning Rituals

How can you be your best self?

It starts when you create your own unique mindful morning rituals. I use the term ‘rituals’ very loosely – simple steps that you can take so you can be in charge of a serene start to your day.

Read more here.


Your Heart Holds the Scars: How to Heal Your Heart

Place of Serenity | Freemodels agency Heal your Heart

To live from your heart you need to heal your heart

You carry the scars and they don’t simply disappear.

When you feel hurt or experience any extreme feeling, it is tapping in to the deepest places of your heart. Even if you don’t realise it, when you are hurt, this is affecting your inner child. The part of you that flinches, is sensitive and vulnerable.

The hurts of your heart are unique to you. Read more from the third of our blog posts here.


Choose to Live a Peaceful Life

Place of Serenity | Choose to Live a Peaceful Life

That doesn’t mean a life without joy or the ups and downs of being a human. You live a peaceful life where you feel a sense of harmony, calm and ease within yourself. It’s the basis from which to become the best kind of person you wish to be.

Our recent experiences of Lockdown and changes in the way we interact with others may have elicited further questions in your own minds.

  • How have I been living that detracts from being my best self?
  • What is really important to me now?
  • How can I live a peaceful life?

Peace begins with you by the actions you do every day and the way you live your life. Peace is a choice, and you promote peace wherever you go.

~ Jim Schneider

Read more about how to live your peaceful life here.


Listen to the Dawn Chorus

Place of Serenity | Listen to the Dawn Chorus

In the UK we have the chance to listen to the Dawn Chorus between March and July. This amazing free symphony happens every day and many of us sleep through it!

You will never regret making a specific intention to get up early and spend time focusing on nature as you listen to the dawn chorus, even just one time this spring! It’s an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy nature, experiencing profound wonder at all its beauty. A chance to fully immerse yourself in presence, using all of your senses.

Listen to the Dawn Chorus: Read more in this seventh of our blog posts here.


How to Live a Meaningful Life

Place of Serenity | How to Live a Meaningful Life

Whatever you are doing right now, you can live a meaningful life.

What does it mean to live a meaningful life?

Each moment you bring yourself back to the core of your being, notice what you are doing and thinking. This is your awareness. It is your power.

It’s also really important to remember that it is YOUR meaningful life. Someone else may judge you because you don’t have a job right now, or they deem what work you do to be inferior. Ignore.

You may be in transitional work, retired, currently unemployed or running a business that is not particularly successful right now. Yet you can still be living a meaningful life.

You may be sitting and reading, eating, singing. The pleasure and enjoyment contributes to your meaningful life.

More on how to live a meaningful life here.


Open up your World with a Beginner’s Mind

Place of Serenity | Beginner's Mind Photo by James DeMers

You may have heard the term: Beginner’s Mind. It is a Buddhist concept and means:

A mind that is willing to see everything as if for the first time.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Perhaps this doesn’t seem a useful idea, but put another way, it is to experience each day free of prejudice and pre-conceptions. It can also free us from expectations. You may also know beginner’s mind as closely similar to mindfulness.

Bring a beginner’s mind approach and then you are more alert to the tiny details. With a mindful awareness you see more beauty and poetry all around. You can see the miraculous in the seemingly mundane.

Open Up Your World with a Beginner’s Mind: Read more here.


The Power of Heart Coherence

Place of Serenity | The Power of Heart Coherence

Joe Dispenza describes ‘Heart Coherence’ as

‘your capacity to cultivate and sustain elevated emotions. These include gratitude, appreciation, kindness, care, compassion, love and joy.’

As humans today, we try to find solutions to our emotions and feelings by using our minds. Yet the mind looks at everything in a polarised egoic way, so our thoughts are boxed into good and bad, right and wrong etc. A million miles off from the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, kindness, compassion etc.

The way we’ve been taught to use our brains:

locks us into a negative space ~ Gregg Braden

because we go straight to polarity and judgment. If we can shift from the mind to the heart, we can create a Heart focus.

The Cherokee describe this as ‘the eye of the heart’ – and it will never judge.

The Power of Heart Coherence: Read more on the eighth of our blog posts here.


Become Empowered with Active Appreciation

Place of Serenity | Become Empowered with Active Appreciation

The key to living in your power and uplifting your mood is to engage in active appreciation

Humans tend to have default settings.

What is your tendency? Some people describe themselves with the saying a glass is half empty or half full.

A tiny part of you may find that you are pulled towards thinking there is not enough to go round, that you are lacking in many things, you feel critical, unhappy with your life, circumstances and relationships.

The hallmark of a wholesome life, is a life of aware appreciation. Where others see the trivial and the mundane, the enlightened one sees in wonderment the miracle of life unfolding behind the appearances.

Read more about active appreciation here.


A Year of Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness

Place of Serenity | A year of Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness

I wrote this blog post in March 2021, rounding up some helpful posts during 2020. A year of covid pandemic has grown to 2 years. Mindfulness continues to be such a useful approach to manage anxiety and overwhelm. Not only that, but it also nurtures a sense of wellbeing, and an inspiration to be engaged with a deeper level of spiritual self.

Mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing has never been so important and at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The Covid Pandemic and Mindfulness: Read more on this blog post here.



Yvette Jane

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