Connect with the deepest WISDOM of your own self

Explore the treasure within you

And choose to live with a joyful loving heart

Are you feeling lack lustre or stuck in a rut?

Break free from negativity and regain your sparkle

It’s time to shine

Are you suffering from ill health or chronic pain?

Sleep better, feel rested and learn how to manage your symptoms

Connect with your inner calm

Improve personal and work relationships

Learn how to manage your emotions for happier, healthier connections

Discover kindness and compassion

Immerse yourself in a Place of Serenity experience

Emerge revitalised and inspired, equipped with new tools to continue to transform & enjoy your life.

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity

One-to-one Sessions with Mindfulness & Meditation

If you are facing specific challenges or are ready to experience peace of mind, we create your own personalised course. For beginners and all levels of mindfulness & meditation.

Be kind

Be Kind to Yourself 4 Week Course

FEBRUARY can be a difficult month. Forget Valentines, give YOURSELF kindness & love, go easy on the stress. Inspiration, exercises & easy-to-use tips through kindness & mindfulness.

Petersfield & Alton Bookings:

Place of Serenity | meditation

6 Week Course to learn the skills of Mindfulness & Meditation

Our 6-week experience immerses you in mindfulness & meditation as your foundation blocks for a more deeply fulfilling life.

New June dates at The Triangle Centre, Liss

Mindfulness and meditation courses

Mindfulness Taster

Learn more about Mindfulness

with a Taster Session for your group or 1-1

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart

Blog Posts

on a range of Mindfulness & Meditation topics

Place of Serenity | Yvette Jane

I offer you a Place of Serenity

My mission is to empower you with peace. Am I the person for you to work with?

H.R., Hartley Wintney

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"The loving, compassionate and accessible teachings show you how to experience life from a more observational perspective, allowing you to break from the constant looping of mind and emotion chatter. Through the practice of the meditations you learn how this can be applied to every moment that you choose."

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