Would you like a little respite from your busy schedule?

Discover how to manage stress and find time for yourself

It’s easier than you think

Are you feeling lack lustre or stuck in a rut?

Break free from negativity and regain your sparkle

It’s time to shine

Are you suffering from ill health or chronic pain?

Sleep better, feel rested and learn how to manage your symptoms

Connect with your inner calm

Do you need to improve personal or work relationships?

Learn how to manage your emotions for happier, healthier connections

Discover kindness and compassion

Mindfulness is a skill that you already have within you

When you learn how to use it, your life will become calmer, happier and more fruitful

Is life non-stop busy filled with challenges that bring on stress, anxiety and overwhelm?

Yvette at Place of Serenity offers you:

  • Weekly respite from all the busyness
  • Support & inspiration
  • Mindfulness Tips
  • Simple ways to access your own inner calm
  • Reminders to tap into your joyful & happy life

Who is this for? Perhaps you are:

  • Tired yet busy
  • Feeling lack-lustre or world-weary
  • Overwhelmed or anxious
  • Lost your sparkle


Face to face connection. With real life human teaching, support and connection with others, you get to fully immerse yourself.

Is life non-stop busy filled with challenges that bring on stress, anxiety and overwhelm?

  • Plenty of Mindful tips which are practical and easy
  • Reminders of your inner strengths like kindness, compassion, inner strength
  • Through the skill of Meditation you learn how to connect into your own peace and calm

All you need to do is prioritise yourself!

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I work across East Hampshire at a variety of venues.

Work with me on a one-to-one basis or with a friend/family member.  Learn easy-to-manage mindful exercises, beautifully relaxing meditations and delve a little deeper into your own inner wisdom.

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Learn about my qualifications and experiences here. You will find more information on this website, enjoy!

Place of Serenity

"The loving, compassionate and accessible teachings show you how to experience life from a more observational perspective, allowing you to break from the constant looping of mind and emotion chatter. Through the practice of the meditations you learn how this can be applied to every moment that you choose."

H.R., Hartley Wintney

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